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We created our YouTube channel Bonsai Keto for accountability, future reflection and the hope it may help inspire someone else considering a Ketogenic lifestyle. 

As of Feb 2020 we have lost almost 100lbs combined, and are excited with what the future will bring!

Begining Stats 12/1/2018 (age 50)

Highest weight was 442 (2/2010) lost 60lbs pre keto
Starting Weight 382.6 (12/2018)
Current Weight 329 (2/2020)
6'6" tall, Diabetic, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure with Sleep Apnea

Bill's Medications
140 units of Insulin Daily GONE
100 mg Januvia Daily  GONE
2000 mg 500mg Metformin Daily  CUT 3/4
8 mg of Amaryl Daily GONE
80 40mg of Lipitor Daily for Cholesterol CUT IN HALF
80 40 20mg of Cozaar Daily for Blood Pressure GONE
Cpap for Apnea REDUCED PRESSURE from 14 to 11 to 9

Begining Stats 12/1/2018 (age 46)

Highest weight was 192 (2017)
Starting Weight 180.2 (12/2018)
Current Weight 136 (2/2020)
5'5" tall, Acid Reflux, Migraines

Stacey's Medications
Depakote Daily for Migraine Prevention
Relpax as needed for Migraine Relief
Prevacid Daily for Acid Reflux GONE

Stacey and I met in 1988 and got married in 1994, we grew up in the Chicagoland/Northwest Indiana area.  In 2003 we moved to Michigan for a new job.  We have two daughters, Lauren, who attends the University of Michigan and Julia who attends middle school.
In our 20's and 30's, weight and health were not concerns, even being overweight, we were young and active.  As we entered our 40's, my weight continued to rise and doctor visits started to give some undesirable results.
I've always been the "Big & Tall" guy, but in 2010 I had reached my highest weight of 442 lbs and had developed high cholesterol along with my fasting sugar showing pre-diabetic levels. 

When Stacey turned 40 she was approximately 170 lbs at 5' 5" and had developed acid reflux. 
In 2011 at age 43 I was diagnosed as diabetic, I thought take the pills, cut down on junk foods drop a few pounds and I would be fine. 
I started to see "specialists", a nutritionist, the endocrinologist, I attended diabetes classes, a sleep doctor for a cpap and I started weight watchers all in an attempt to combat this new enemy. 

I had moderate success on weight watchers in 2014 and dropped 60 lbs over the course of a year and a half.  I kept the weight off, but I grew tired of paying monthly to track what I felt were the same foods.
Fast forward to 2018, the roughest year of our lives, we lost my Mom to cancer on Valentine's day.  A few months later Stacey lost her job of almost 10 years due to downsizing. 

We had a daughter starting college, no primary income, no health insurance, a mortgage and a stack of bills mounting, life became very complicated and stressful.
It wasn't easy and we are still catching up, we sold many things, simplified, clipped coupons, you name it, and In August of 2018, Stacey got a job working for Costco.
My Mom wanted to try Keto and thought we should do it too.  We were more concerned about her cancer, so we didn't give it much thought.  After her passing, a friend said Keto was helping him lose weight, and we saw others on social media praising the benefits of Keto.
We started some investigating on Google and YouTube and found a whole community of people sharing their successes with Keto which gave us real inspiration.
We agreed we could use to lose some weight and eat better, what did we have to lose right?  So we planned, read, watched, learned and absorbed all we could on the subject.  By November we started eating what was left in our cabinets and making different food choices at the grocery store each week.
We couldn't afford to throw out food, money, and resources were limited, but we were determined to make better choices moving forward and set a goal of starting Keto first thing in December.
On December 1st, 2018 I weighed in at 382.6 lbs and Stacey at 180.2 lbs as we started our Keto Journey, it's not always been easy but we rely on each other for support and Stacey has become quite the cook and enjoys experimenting with alternative low carb recipes! 
Stacey is close to her goal weight of 130-135 lbs and will be entering "Maintenance Keto".  My goal weight is 235-240 lbs and I hope to achieve that goal with Keto!
I am proud to say I am OFF 140 units of daily insulin, OFF 100mg of Januvia, My Metformin went from 2000mg to 500mg, and I am OFF Amaryl 8mg, I am off Cozaar and Lipitor is CUT in half now while maintaining sugars that are 1/2 to 1/3 what they were while on all those medications. 
Thanks to KETO I am OFF all those diabetic meds I took for the last decade, and my sugars are in the normal ranges for the first time in 10 years. 
Bill ;)

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